Lindsay Zana

Actor | Singer | VO

About Lindsay

Originally from a small town in Nebraska, Lindsay has always had a passion for performing. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from Oklahoma City University, she decided to make the move to Los Angeles in pursuit of a performance career. 

Lindsay is currently a member of Top Shelf Vocal, Red Cup Theatre Company, Project Nongenue and is the founder of Pursued By A Bear Productions.

She acts as co-director/producer of the voice over web series Girls Next Door, voicing the character of Sarah, and the director/producer of the Plume Webseries, voicing the character of Vesper Grey.

Lindsay can also be heard on the Shortwave Radio Podcast Network, playing the character of "Baldy" on CritSquad, an actual-play shadowrun podcast. She serves as the audio editor for Crew Call and Overqualifed, and other upcoming projects on the Shortwave Radio Podcast network. 

Lindsay feels very blessed by every opportunity that presents itself, and hopes to bring determination, flair and passion to each project that she gets the chance to work on. 


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