Lindsay Zana

Actor | Singer | VO



April 24th

Lindsay began rehearsals with Panic! Productions for Little Shop of Horrors, putting a spin on the classic broadway musical. The show runs June 2nd - June 18th. Tickets available now!

April 16th

The incredible cast and crew of Project Nongenue's Julius Caesar had a fantastic weekend of sold-out shows! Keep an eye out, there will be more to come from this team in the future! 

April 1st

Lindsay is ecstatic to announce that her small group from Top Shelf Vocal are the winners of Harmony Sweepstakes: Los Angeles! They will be traveling to the Bay Area in May to compete at Nationals! 

March 25th

Lindsay is happy to be joining the team at House 10 Productions for their upcoming cabaret show Her Turn, where ladies will sing broadway tunes originally performed by men. Lindsay will be singing a rockin' duet and a beautiful solo piece. The show is May 7th at 3pm and 7pm. 

February 26th

Lindsay had the very first read-through for Project Nongenue's inaugural production of an all-female Julius Caesar. Lindsay will be playing Lucius, as well as a few other characters alongside a group of crazy-talented women! The show runs April 14th - 16th for one weekend only!

Lindsay also accepted a role in the ensemble of Little Shop of Horrors, with Panic! Productions. The show begins rehearsals in April and runs June 2nd - June 18th. 

December 16th

Lindsay had her first performance with Top Shelf Vocal! The group performed their winter show - Slay Ride - December 16th and 18th, to full houses and much excitement. On the 17th Top Shelf sang for a private Christmas party in Hollywood. 

December 10th

Lindsay appeared as the musical guest on a recording of 3 Bad Elves, an original play written by Ben Boquist as part of an upcoming podcast. Lindsay played ukulele and sang a few holiday songs. 

November 21st

Lindsay and fellow Crit Squad player, Jeff,  got to be guests on Join The Anarchy! This is a group that plays Shadowrun: Anarchy over Twitch and uses audience suggestions to build the story and guest characters. Lindsay and Jeff's characters became cannon in the Join The Anarchy universe as members of the band Astral Chunks. 

October 26th

Lindsay is proud to announce the launch of the Shortwave Radio Podcast network! It's a new network featuring a number of podcasts meant to excite and amuse you (you can catch Lindsay on Crit Squad, an actual-play D&D podcast). Subscribe on iTunes and leave a review! 

October 19th

Lindsay participated in a staged reading of Play for Jimmy, by Katherine James, with members of Red Cup Theatre Company

August 30th

Lindsay is excited to be joining Top Shelf Vocal as a new Soprano! Check out our website to learn more about this LA based singing group!

August 27th

Lindsay is happy to announce that she is now a member of Red Cup Theatre Company here in Los Angeles! 

August 8th

Lindsay is now a proud member of SAG-AFTRA!

August 5th

Lindsay opened Telemachus, Friend for Passages with Theatre Unleashed. She also performed in the special extension performance of JonBenet Ramsey: The Musical

July 25th

Lindsay began rehearsals for Wake, a short piece produced by the Vagrancy that will be performed as part of Montserrat's August play cycle Renditions - focusing on the myth of Narcissus. 

July 24th

Lindsay performed as Sylvia Rios in a staged reading of Various Emporia, a new play by Howard Ho playing as part of the Blossoming seres with The Vagrancy.

July 2nd

Lindsay booked a role in the one-act play festival Passages, produced by Theatre Unleashed. Lindsay will be playing one of the narrators in the original short play Telemachus, Friend, as well as playing guitar. 

June 26th

JonBenet Ramsey: The Musical has been chosen as a FRINGE extension! Future performance dates are being scheduled. 

June 18th

Lindsay opened JonBenet Ramsey: The Musical, at the Hollywood Fringe to a successful first shot audience. Additional show dates to be announced soon.

April 24th

Lindsay had the first read through JonBenet Ramsey: The Musical, a show performing at The Hollywood Fringe this summer. 

April 6th

Lindsay is happy to be helping out as a rotating member of the "swim team" in Echo Theater Company's production of Dry Land, by Ruby Rae Spiegel. Running now until May 15. 

April 3rd

Lindsay booked a role in a new musical performing at Hollywood Fringe this summer! The first table read will take place later in the month.

March 13th

Lindsay shot and wrapped her role in the trailer for Run & Gun, a new series currently in the works. 

Lindsay also attended her first play reading as a member of The Vagrancy, a Los Angeles based theatre company.

February 24th

Lindsay booked a role on Run & Gun, an exciting series shooting later this month.