Lindsay Zana

Actor | Singer | VO

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Keven Newsome, for Magical Ink - June 2012

"It's one thing to read your own book. And it's something else to see that book in print available to the whole world, with gushing reviews from readers. There's nothing like it really.

But when a voice actress as talented as Lindsay Zana gets a hold of it and brings it to life...I mean, REALLY brings it to life with emotion and movement and a voice. It's surreal. It's invigorating. It's inspiring. Winter may never become a movie. But this audiobook is absolutely the closest it could come. That's because this isn't just an audiobook. It's a performance. It's an experience.

And being there each step of the way, hearing each chapter as it unfolded, breathlessly waiting for the next and constantly wondering what Lindsay was going to do to blow my mind again...THAT was my favorite thing."



Bob Tinsley, for The Experience and - June 2013

"All make good account of themselves, with accomplished voices and presence, especially Ms Zana who faces the most challenges as she tries to balance her psyche between Giorgio and her protective cousin, emoted by Ricky Webster. It's a difficult role but her performance more than makes up for her lack of pulchritude to the point of finally winning over the affections of Giorgio, who finally realizes which one is the real love of his life." 

Audrey Linden, for the Hollywood Theater Examiner - August 2011

"The bright and bold coloring of Clara is well contrasted with the plain, depressing, wren-like, dark Fosca. Lindsay Zana’s neurotic obsessive-compulsive Fosca is a total contrast both visually as she was costumed in drab grey and musically with her low and urgent sounding voice. Zana did an excellent acting job in bringing this bleak character to life."



Tracey Paleo, for the LA Theatre Review - June 2011

"N’afia herself is all the things we westerners would like to imagine her to be. Kind, naïve, a soon-to-be mother, dedicated to her husband, respectful of her God. And although she is displaced, injured and in the face of devastation, she never-the less has HOPE."

"Performances by the cast overall were good especially the military medic, blind soldier and N’afia, who the action mostly revolves around. These three characters in particular bring humanity to a slightly embryonic narrative."