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Catch Lindsay portraying the missing starlet Julie Capsom on Arden, a brand new audio drama brought to you by Wheyface Industries (the Good People).

Arden is a scripted audio drama that's both mystery and comedy. The 12 episode first season follows Bea Casely, a journalist, and Brenda Bentley, a detective, as they work together to solve the 10-year-old disappearance of starlet Julie Capsom.


You can hear Lindsay playing the amnesiac Orc Baldy in Critsquad, an actual-play, semi-improvised Shadowrun podcast, from The Shortwave Radio Podcast Network.

Crit Squad is a group of artists, performers, writers, and gamers who find a loving joy in the narrative potential of tabletop roleplaying games. With this show, we want to take that potential to its limit with deep characters, honest roleplay, and better-than-radio sound design. The goal is to create a long-running, episodic science-fantasy show using the shadowrun game system, voice-over and improv techniques, and pro sound design to find a compelling story through RPG with a whole lotta bullets, and nowhere near enough medkits.

Girls Next Door - VO Webseries

Plume - VO Webseries

Girls Next Door - Episode 64 - A Conversation

Roommates Sarah Williams (from Jim Henson's Labyrinth) and Christine Daae (from Phantom of the Opera) find out that they're living in the same building as Jareth (Labyrinth) and Erik (Phantom). Stalking, magic, and hijinks ensue!

Plume - Episode 11 - Rising Smoke

Plume is a supernatural western following the adventures of Vesper Grey and her supernatural companion, Corrick, on a journey fueled by revenge. By K. Lynn Smith Produced by Pursued By A Bear Productions, producers of the audio webseries Girls Next Door.

Winter - by Keven Newsome - Audiobook Sample  - Book 1 of the Winter Series

Prophetess - by Keven Newsome - Audiobook Sample - Book 2 of the Winter Series

Daddy Long Legs - by Jean Webster - Audio performance by Lindsay Zana